Project and Team Assistance

We provide you with assistance and support during the project process you share with international business partners.

After a project initialization phase, we support you as technical communicators in business relations with your project partner. 

Thus, our service in the framework of the project, might be, for example:

Support to the project leader
Establishment and maintenance of contacts with the project participants, 
Information transfer
Establishment of a communication chain or matrix 
Clarification and information meetings 
Mediative negociations
Process and interface monitoring
Feedback monitoring

We support the teams participating in the project and assist them in their cooperation with the foreign partner teams. 

We may, for example, provide teams with:

support to the team leaders
setting up working groups
record keeping
preventive mediative discussions
feedback monitoring

Seminars focussing on communication training for teams, with the following contents (examples):

Communication in Teams
Communication Faults
Successful Communication, 
Non-violent Communication (according to M. Rosenberg)