About us

During over 25 years of practical experiences in the field of foreign language communication, Vice-Versa-Communication has become what it is today: 

a service partner and expert provider of intercultural communication services. 
Our competence network includes consolidated teams of qualified technical translators/interpreters, mediators and communicators, German and foreign language speaking experts and philologists. 

Close networking with our team partners, built on a long-term personal and business relationship, ensures the high quality of our services. 
During our multiannual contract with the European Commission for the provision of translation services we have  developed our high translation quality standard. 
We consider constant staff training important to maintain our standards.

Executive Management:

Petra Manz
Petra Manz

Specialist interpreter and translator
state approved, publicly appointed and sworn.
Work languages: German, French, English, Spanish
Expert fields: Techniques, Economics, Law
Member of the German Federal Association for Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)
Romanist and Germanist (M.A.)

Member of the German Federal Association for Mediation e.V. (BM e.V.), 
Member of the Mediators'Association MediationAugsburgSchwaben e.V.