Welcome to Vice-Versa-Communication 

the competence network for

  • technical translation
  • language courses
  • writing and revision
  • project assistance
  • moderation and mediation in conflicts 

focussing on the key languages   
German - French - English - Spanish -

a modern platform for intercultural communication !

We translate in various fields of technique, economics and law, such as: mechanical engineering, gear technology, laser technology, metallurgy, data processing, business economics, international economy, quality management, company law, contract law, family law, tourism, psychology. literature,...

We offer inhouse-language courses, tailored to your company's needs.

We create texts according to your specifications and the target group, and proofread your texts.

We can assist you as interpreters and communicators in the course of the projects you share with  international business partners.

We support you as moderators or mediators when conflicts arise in your company or in the cooperation with your business partners.